Frequently Asked Questions

Registration FAQs

Generally you will receive the registration code via e-mail within one hour after the order is successfully completed. But if you have encountered the following problems, please contact us at: to retrieve your registration code:

1. You have already purchased this software, but haven't received the keycode in time.
2. The keycode of the product you purchased is lost.
3. The keycode became invalid after 12 months since your purchase.

Product FAQs

1. What's the difference between the trial version and the registered version?

The trial version can only download 3 songs per day. Only the registered version can download limitless songs as you like.

2. What OS does the product support?

Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.8(Mountain Lion)

3. How can I get the product?

You can simply download the software you want from our website and install it on your computer.

Sales FAQs

1. Can I order a CD?

The products are downloaded versions and we don't provide CDs. You don't need to buy CDs as the products will be upgraded from time to time and you can download the latest versions of the products from the our website without any limitations.

2. How can I know my order is successful?

Generally speaking, once the order is processed successfully, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the payment platform. After this e-mail, you will receive a registration e-mail from us within an hour.

Refund FAQs

1. How long it takes to get my money back after the refund request is approved?

Once your refund request is approved, normally it will take 7~10 business days for the credit to appear on your account. Sometimes during holidays it may take longer but it is not expected to take over 20 days. If you have not got the refund 20 days later, please contact us to check the refund.

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