How to Use Leemsoft MP3 Downloader for Mac

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Help You Download Huge Number of Music With One Click

Leemsoft MP3 Downloader For Mac is a smart but powerful streaming music downloader software for Mac users. With this MP3 downloader, you can search any music you want from network, and download it with simple one click. It can also help you export downloaded MP3 to iTunes or Dropbox directly, so that you can listen it directly on your iPod, iPhone or other MP3 players.

You can also listen the music before downloading. This MP3 downloader will work in a fast speed and preserve the music quality highly.

step 1

Search music by entering keywords

Launch Leemsoft MP3 Download for Mac, and enter any keywords you want then click "Search" button.

You can search music by enter the song name, artist or album. Multiple languages are supported, like French, German, Italian, Portuguese and more.

search mp3 music
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step 2

Choose the best result to download

Once you click "Search" button, the Leemsoft MP3 Downloader will list a large number of results for you to choose. Choose the right song name, Artist and album for a song, and click to start download.

Note: We can't locate the exact result for you with simple keywords currently. So you have to compare the song name, Artist and Album for each result by yourself and choose the correct one to download. Of course, you can listen the MP3 before download.

step 3

Export MP3 to iTunes or Dropbox

After download finished, you can click "Open" button to get the downloaded MP3 on computer or click "Export" menu to export the downloaded MP3 to iTunes or Dropbox.

To export downloaded MP3 to iTunes or Dropbox, click "Export", and enable the option "Export MP3 to iTunes" or "Export MP3 to Dropbox", then click "Export" button on the right button corner. You can also check the "Automatically Export All Downloaded MP3" option to export automatically.

export mp3

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